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Website Update History

Version 4.14 (08-15-2013)
- SolarHam Aurora Gallery was launched. Available throught the "Gallery" tab at the top of each page.

Version 4.13 (08-01-2013)
- The "Just Data" tab section uploaded. Also available through www.spaceweatherupdates.com.

Version 4.12 (06-20-2013)
- Added the "Visible Disk Archive" menu at the bottom of the SolarHam Sunspot Map.

Version 4.11 (03-10-2013)
- The SolarHam Sunspot Map was launched. Click on "MAP" at the top left of main page under "regions".

Version 4.10 (03-06-2013)
- The SolarHam CME Prediction Model page has been updated to include data by the Goddard Space Flight Center, CACTus Diagnostics, in addition to the WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction model...

Version 4.9 (10-23-2012)
- Launched the SolarHam Ticker page.

Version 4.8 (5-8-2012)
- Added latest Solar Flare events within 72 hours summary. Located top left of main page under Regions.

Version 4.7 (3-26-2012)
- Solar Image section was revamped Link.

Version 4.6 (3-16-2012)
- Added new Magnetometer Section. Located on left hand side of main page or on drop down menu. Link.

Version 4.5 (3-5-2012)
- Added the new OVATION Aurora Maps to the AU Oval Section.

Version 4.4 (1-25-2012)
- Launched the new SolarHam Farside Watch. Link located on left hand pane under images and Kiruna information.

Version 4.3 (1-3-2012)
- Launched the new Daily Sunspot Summary Page. Link located top left of main page under regions.

Version 4.2 (11-2-2011)
- DX Toolbar link is now located on top right of every page.

Version 4.1 (10-13-2011)
- Added dedicated page with Monthly Solar Flux / Sunspot # averages and Trend Charts.
Located when clicking the AVGs link at top middle of main page.

Version 4.0 (10-12-2011)
- New website design is launched.

V2.0 (Launched 2007)

V3.0 (Launched Nov 2008)