East-West Mainland Europe to Eastern Half North America 50mhz Sporadic E Occurrences since 2004

All data based on actual DX Cluster Spots. To count as an opening, 5 or more contacts between multiple stations must be completed.
Eastern North America consists of USA 1/2/3/4/8/9 call areas + Canada VO1,VE1,VE2,VE3,VE9,VY2

Please note that graphs do not include 2014 data.

How to Read the Data Below

(Y) means Yes and (N) means no. In the example above, 50mhz opened 5 out of the past 9 years on June 8th between 2004-2012. This gives us an opening average of 55%. This would mean an opening consisting of more than 5 contacts between multiple stations located in the eastern half of North America and mainland Europe was observed on that specific day and year.

At the bottom of each monthly data chart you will find the total amount of "Yes" days during a specific month and year. In the example above you will see the total amount of openings for a specific month and year. In the month of June 2006, 19 of the 30 days seen an opening between eastern North America and mainland Europe. If you add each years total "Yes" days for the month of June and calculate an average, you get 16.6 days. This means that the month of June has seen an average of 16.6 daily openings since 2004.

Report compiled by Kevin VE3EN. It is still being worked on and more data will be added shortly.