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Magnetometer Data
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Below are various Magnetometer plots for tracking Sudden Geomagnetic Impulses and Geomagnetic Storms.

Boulder, CO Ground Based Magnetometer
(Updates every minute)

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GOES Magnetometer
(Updates every 5 minute)

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Sundsvall, Sweden (SM3ESX) Ground Based Magnetometer

Basic Information

Magnetometers provide realtime data of the local Earth magnetic field at ground level. Sharp deviations in the data could signal the development of geomagnetic activity. Examples are listed below.

Source Websites

Swedish Institute of Space Physics - http://www.irf.se/

Kiruna Magnetogram - http://www.irf.se/mag/

OY6FRA Amateur Radio Club - http://fra.fo/index.html

SAM Magnetometer Project - http://www.sam-magnetometer.net/

Space Weather Prediction Center - http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/