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January 25, 2020 @ 18:05 UTC
Solar Update
A new active region (2757) belonging to cycle 24 continues to evolve and is currently producing very minor B-Flares.

In more interesting news, a new region belonging to upcoming Cycle 25 popped up during the past 24 hours and is now turning into view high in latitude off the southeast limb. We will get a better idea on its development during the next day or so. Magnetic image by SDO/HMI.

January 21, 2020 @ 23:45 UTC
Aurora Watch (Updated)
A weak coronal hole stream is expected to reach Earth by January 20th. This could help to disturb our geomagnetic field and lead to aurora displays at higher latitudes. More updates in the days ahead.

UPDATE: An elevated solar wind stream is now moving past Earth and is helping to disturb our geomagnetic field (Kp4). Visible aurora will be likely at high latitudes once dark outside.

January 11, 2020 @ 18:30 UTC
Solar Update
Cycle 25 region 2756 decayed to a spotless plage as it turned off of the visible disk and behind the west limb. The Earth facing side of the sun is once again spotless. Solar activity should remain at very low levels. Stay tuned to for the most up to date information.

January 08, 2020 @ 20:35 UTC
Yet Another Cycle 25 Sunspot
Hello again folks. Here is a look at a new cycle sunspot group forming in the northwest quadrant. The past few months has seen a sharp increase in the amount of new cycle sunspots forming in both the northern and southern hemisphere of the sun. Although none have been large, flare producing active regions up until this point, it can definitely be seen as a positive step in the right direction. Should this particular region stick around long enough, it should be assigned AR 2756.

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January 07, 2020 @ 20:30 UTC
Limb Region
A region belonging to declining Solar Cycle 24 is now turning into view off the east limb. The area appears to be mostly spotless and is likely not a threat for noteworthy solar flares. Imagery below by SDO/HMI.

January 05, 2020 @ 21:10 UTC
Aurora Watch
An elevated solar wind stream containing periods of southward Bz is helping to disturb our geomagnetic field. Aurora sky watchers at higher latitudes should be alert once dark outside.

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 4
Threshold Reached: 2020 Jan 05 2059 UTC
Synoptic Period: 1800-2100 UTC
Active Warning: Yes

January 03, 2020 @ 02:10 UTC
Solar Update
Good evening. Here is an updated look at newly assigned region 2755. The small and not so threatening spot group belonging to the upcoming Cycle 25 continues to slowly evolve in the southeast quadrant and will be monitored. The rest of the visible disk remains void of spots and solar activity should remain at very low levels. Geomagnetic activity is also at quiet levels with no coronal hole streams expected over the next few days. Image below by SDO/HMI.

January 01, 2020 @ 17:15 UTC
Another New Cycle Sunspot Forming
Welcome to 2020! The new decade is starting off with a new sunspot belonging to Cycle 25, currently forming high in latitude in the southeast quadrant. Should it stick around long enough, it should be assigned AR 2755. Currently the region is not considered a threat for noteworthy solar flares. Still a good sign nonetheless.

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