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Estimated Planetary K-Index
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This plot contains the estimated 3-hour Planetary K-Index.

K-indices of 5 or greater indicate storm-level geomagnetic activity around earth.

Below is a one week K-indices view from four magnetometer reporting stations.

Below is a one week A-indices view from four magnetometer reporting stations.

K-Index Definition

The K-index is a code that is related to the maximum fluctuations of horizontal components observed on a magnetometer relative to a quiet day, during a three-hour interval. The conversion table from maximum fluctuation (nT) to K-index, varies from observatory to observatory in such a way that the historical rate of occurrence of certain levels of K are about the same at all observatories. In practice this means that observatories at higher geomagnetic latitude require higher levels of fluctuation for a given K-index.

More information on the K-Index and Kp Index + conversion formula. https://sec.noaa.gov/info/Kindex.html