Solar Cycle 25 Progression

(Updated November 7, 2022)

Sunspot Number Progression   (October 2022)
Predicted SSN: 54.5 Actual: 95.4 Latest Smoothed Predicted SSN (4/2022): 37.1 Actual: 73.1

10.7cm Solar Flux Progression   (October 2022)
Predicted SFI: 94.8 Actual: 132.8 Latest Smoothed Predicted SFI (4/2022): 84.5 Actual: 116.0

Monthly Raw Data

Smoothed Sunspot Number Calculation

The daily sunspot number has little, if any, relationship to ionospheric variability. However, the most widely used Ionospheric Index, R12, is derived from the daily sunspot numbers. The R12 index is a twelve-month smoothed relative sunspot number. To calculate the R12 index for July 2020, add half of the January 2020 value plus the sum of the February through December 2020 values plus half of the January 2021 value and then by dividing that sum by twelve.

Example Formula:

(where n1 = Jan 2020, n7 = July 2020 and n13 = Jan 2021)

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