Big Sunspot / Farsided Eruption
November 24, 2020 @ 20:30 UTC

AR 2785 and 2786 (Nov 24) SDO/HMI

AR 2786

Large sunspot region 2786 along with smaller region 2785 continue to turn into view on Tuesday. 2786 is quite large, the dark core being slightly larger than the planet Earth. Despite its size, the region is not magnetically complex enough to be a threat for large solar flares. Things can change so stay tuned!

UPDATE: With the help of big AR 2786, the solar flux has reached 100 on Tuesday! This is a first for Solar Cycle 25.

Farsided Eruption

Old region 2781 currently transiting the farside of the Sun produced a fair sized solar flare that is associated with a fast moving coronal mass ejection (CME). Because this happened on the opposite side of the Sun relative to Earth, it will be directed completely away from our planet. Old region 2781 is still about 6 days away from turning back into Earth view. Image by STEREO Ahead.

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